Winter Magic

Winter magic04An a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y glorious winter day in Katoomba for the festival, with the sun shining and crowds spilling right into the parade as it wound its way up Katoomba Street.

Some tenors, sopranos an alto and a bass from The Heathens took part in the parade, along with other singers, under the banner of the Blackheath Choir Festival which is taking place once again in August. We handed out leaflets for this event as we lustily sang our way uphill towards the station then sang some more as we gratefully rounded the Winter Magic05corner and continued along the flat area beside the railway line.

With drum bands in front and behind us, it was sometimes a challenge to make ourselves heard – but I think we succeeded most of the time.

The next event will bWinter Magic 02e at the Katoomba Cultural Centre at 11am on 23 July. Should be good!

Contributed by: Sandra    Photos: Phillia & Julie

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