Happy Birthday Phillia!

I’m not sure which actual day the birthday is on .. but have a good one.  Perhaps we need a birthday monitor so we can make sure that we sing the praises of everyone in The Heathens.  In the meantime there’s a small prize for the first person who can work out the tune to this well known song:


Update: This is a tricky one.  Just as a sharp (#) or flat (b) raises or lowers a note by a semitone, and double sharp (x) or double flat (bb) raises or lowers a note by two semitones – a full tone.  Double sharps and flats are used here in a contrived way to obscure the line of the music.  Thankfully, Chris gives us straightforward music where you can easily follow the line of the music up and down to sing the right tune.

Mick and Rob were the first two to work this out – go the tenors!  I know of no other way to do it than to painfully work out what each note really is.  Or alternatively you can just check the name of .jpg file for the picture – Happy Birthday!  Yes, it really is “happy birthday to you”.

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