Go Team Heathens!

From Rob:

world cup footballWell it’s over!!!! for another four years. For some the Soccer World Cup is an event not to me missed with long sleepless nights whilst agonising over the progress of a favoured team, while for others is all a bit of a yawn. I suppose I lean to the latter. However I can appreciate the vast amount of effort, blood, sweat and tears that is required to reach the level of the Soccer World Cup.

On reflection we at The Heathens are very much like a soccer team.

stretchingHOGWASH !! some of you might say, but stop and think for a moment. Don’t we turn up every week for a training session. We start with some stretches to relax our bodies, we perform deep breathing to expand our chests, produce weird sounds when we pucker out lips and blow!! We generate more weird sounds while practicing scales with o’s e’s and a’s. All of these behaviours are performed with the sole purpose of relaxing our vocal chords which in turn affect the quality of the sounds we will produce. So you see our preparation for the training in some ways is not different to a well-oiled soccer team

And what of our coach…… stay tuned for more.

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