The Heathens ‘Together in Song’ concert with the Sydney Street Choir – Springwood – Saturday, 11 April

Springwood ConcertWow! What a fabulous afternoon.

The wonderful MC, Phil Koperberg, launched the afternoon with great humour and a glowing introduction of The Heathens.

Check out the photos here.

Our first set included Ataturk Tribute which we were a little nervous about, but like true troopers, we pulled off a pretty good rendition much enhanced by the fact that Ian Hamilton, who composed the music, was with us in the audience. How good was that! We sang our six songs and it was said by someone in the audience that …“The Heathens sang with fullness and had matured as a group”.

Then, on came the SSC with Amazing Grace – always a stirring number – but I felt it even more strongly with their performance. Their set included some very well-known numbers and their performance of all was, to say the least, gutsy.

This was followed by a set from The Village Orchestra, Llew and Mara Kiek & Gary Daley. Great musicians, great delivery, stirring music.

After the audience and performers had partaken of a delicious afternoon tea prepared by members of The Heathens, it was back on stage for all performers. There followed a number of songs that were also well-known to the audience who joined in with much gusto.

This concert was definitely one of the highlights of the performances The Heathens have done over the past five years. A good time seemed to be had by just about everybody. A win win!

Contributed by Sandra Stevens

And from our Event Coordinator – Julie Brackenreg…

“Can we do it?” YES WE CAN!! – with bells on!

After all is counted up we will be able to donate to the Street Choir something over $1,000 AND facilitated the sale of $250 worth of their CD’s. What a great outcome – and I think we all had fun doing it – even better!

Thank you to every person in our Choir – we are MORE than a bunch of people who sing together – we are a true community and family who can work together and support each other.

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