Christine Wheeler

Chris & Whisky Christine Wheeler founded The Heathens and is our musical director, accompanist and the arranger of fine music for us to sing. Under her leadership the choir has grown both in numbers and in the quality of our performance. Above all, her inclusive, easy going approach means we all have a lot of fun while still working hard to improve musicianship.

To email Chris please use the contact form.

Chris is busy with many other musical projects …

Canon Fodder is an acapella quartet focusing mainly on renaissance choral repertoire. Chris joined with two other choral directors and a classical violinist to form the quartet in 2013. They initially sang just for their own pleasure and relaxation, and have been delighted to find that other people like listening to their music.

Sing Trek Nepal
IMG_0096In March 2014 and October 2015 Christine joined a cultural tour in Nepal as singing leader. The tours were a combined cultural, trekking and singing experience. They were deemed a great success by all participants and another tour is planned for November 2017. We climbed in the Himalayas, we visited monasteries and orphanages, and most of all we sang.

In 2019 Christine led Sing Trek NZ, a group of 20 enthusiasts who walked and sang the Queen Charlotte track in the Marlborough Sound at the top of the South Island.


Musica Viva in Schools
PastanceForWebChristine has performed with the trio Pastance as one of the Musica Viva in Schools ensembles for 12 years, travelling throughout NSW as well as Victoria, South Australia, ACT and Singapore. The role of the Musica Viva in Schools program is to provide high quality live music experiences for children in school settings, enriched with a range of inservice materials that feed directly into the school curriculum. See

Chris’ current project:  ‘Rain in the Mountains: Songs from Henry Lawson’

chris02Christine is first and foremost a folk singer and musician. Her most recent recording is a unique musical performance of Henry Lawson’s timeless poetry, recorded with a stellar cast of musicians, including. Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil), Gary Daley (The Catholics), Rebecca Daniel (Australian Chamber Orchestra) and Llew Kiek (The Mara! Band).

The CD received frequent airplay on ABC Classic FM Drive for several months after its release. See

Christine tours Rain in the Mountains with a group of musicians, and will spend 4 weeks in Queensland courtesy of the Queensland government touring body, ArTour, from late August 2014.

Chris’ awards
Christine was lead singer and manager of Australian Celtic band Wheelers and Dealers for 10 years.
• She co-wrote the song ‘Woomera’ for which Wheelers and Dealers won the Musicoz award in the folk category in 2003.
• The second CD from Wheelers and Dealers, entitled ‘Full House’, won the national Folk CD Award for 2007.

Chris’ recording highlights
Recent recording highlights with other artists, include:
• Warren Daly (of the Daly-Wilson Big Band) on his American Civil War concerto Old Glory,
• Dog Trumpet (the O’Doherty brothers of Mental as Anything), on their album River of Flowers
• Shameless Seamus and the Tullamore Dews (Irish band of Jim Moginie, ex-Midnight Oil, and Alan Healy, celebrated artist, musician and instrument maker), on their album Ballroom of Romance

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