Farewell Dawn Baker

Dawn 001On a cool, wet, typical Blackheath day the community gathered to pay its respects to Dawn Baker – an eccentric and much loved Blackheathen. There were eulogies from family and friends, The Heathens sang and people from across the community shared their personal accounts of how Dawn had touched their lives.

Several in our choir knew her well. Cathy spoke of the warmth of her love and their frequent encounters on the streets of Katoomba, Chris observed how eccentrics define our community and help us to rise above the ordinary, but perhaps most moving was the account by Philia and Frank of their last encounter with Dawn on Blackheath station.

“… out of the blue, Dawn said to me “I like you. You always treat me the same, always nice and always say hello…” I was flattered and touched by her kind words. I felt like a little girl who just received a Gold Star!

I’ll miss hearing Dawn’s “Hello Luv!”, and even her whinges. I hope she rests in peace now, and free from all mortal suffering.

God bless your soul my sweet cranky old friend! Congratulations on completing your journey on this Earthly plane. You made a mark in my life, and you are remembered.”

The Heathens sang The Parting Glass whilst family and friends placed flowers and shells on a special tribute table next to Dawn’s photograph. And then, as is the Blackheath way, we tucked into morning tea provided by BANC and Rotary.

Contributed by Tim & Sandra

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  1. Dear Christine,
    […]. Once again, I must thank you and the Heathens choir for singing at Dawn Baker’s memorial. I think the choir is sounding wonderful and all the credit to you for the leadership you impart….Cheers Bob Reid

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