What to do with 10 grandchildren

Chris reports on what to do with 10 grandchildren under the age of 10, all staying at her house for a few freezing days in the school holidays.

Chris grandchildren 1Take them bushwalking – anyone 4 years or older is officially old enough to go, if you have enough helpers … and carriers, when the going gets rough.
(there are three 4-year olds in this picture).

Take them to Jenolan Caves – two cave tours, the second one self-guided, with a picnic lunch between – what a great day.

Take them to the Megalong Tea House – see picture below – great for the kids, scary for the proprietors, 18 people descending and needing to be fed in a hurry!

Chris grandchildren 2

Keep them warm – lucky that our house is a bit good for hide and seek, cubbies and the like. And keep them fed … now there was a never ending circus. Then go into hibernation for a week after they all go home. Whew.

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