Every breath you take


Rachel Berry from Glee holding the last note of a rendition of Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade”

Bella has some tips for breathing technique

We all know that breathing correctly is essential for us all in the choir. How many of you have struggled to hold those beautiful long notes for some of our finales? Well, I can help with that. This is going to teach your body how to take in more air in a short amount of time.   Here we go!

  1. Relax and let your body feel heavy for a second.
  2. Breathe out ALL of the air you are currently using until you feel that you can’t breathe out anymore.
  3. Using the ticks of a clock or any other steady beat you have at your disposal, breathe IN for a count of 8. (This is hard so if you don’t get it at first keep trying! You’ve got to be able to keep your intake steady or you’ll breathe in too quickly and won’t get to 8)
  4. When you get to 8, say “Out” to yourself and then breathe out for 8.
    (Repeat Step 3 and 4 x2)
  5. Half the breathe in ( Count in for 4 out for 8) (Repeat x2)
  6. Half AGAIN (In for 2 out for 8) (Repeat x 2)
  7. Half once more (In for 1 out for 8) (Repeat x2)
  8. RELAX! 🙂 You Did It!   AND 9.  Practise this and have fun!

I guarantee if you do this properly you’ll see a massive difference and it will help ten fold! Trust me.

With thanks to my singing teacher Deb for teaching it to me!  Bella

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