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harryHarry was born in 1927 in Warwick, Queensland. Significantly he says, 1927 was also the year the Federal Parliament moved from Melbourne to Canberra.

From there it appears his life has been full and it continues to be so. Never doing anything by halves, his bass voice can be heard in two other choirs as well as The

It is evident from his account of his working and social activities that he has embraced life with gusto. After leaving school, he joined the RAN from 1947-1962 leaving as an electrical engineer. At the age of 33 he pursued a career in business and established his own very successful computer software company in the 1970s that employed staff of 200 consultants around Australia.

He had many other irons in the fire, including his own column in The Australian
newspaper, an endorsed Liberal candidate, a property developer and antique dealer!
Harry was also well known among the social milieu of Paddington and for hosting lavish
parties. Guests included Dame Joan Sutherland and Luciano Pavorotti who sang in his
living room which was known locally as the ‘Woollahra Entertainment Centre’.

He moved to the Blue Mountains for a quieter life and became a licensed tradesman, finally retiring at the age of 82. He enjoys a beer at his favourite watering hole – The Carrington Beer Garden which coincidently he built in 2004!

Described by Leo Schofield as a ‘latter-day Great Gatsby’, Harry maintains the colourful
aspects of his life in the many rooms of his lush and riotous garden in ‘Kozy Dell’ in
Katoomba. The motto on his garden gate is a bit of Homer; “He lives in a house by the
side of the road and is a friend to everyman”.

Contributed by Victoria and Cathy

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