Member profile – Mick

Mick was born in Sydney and has had a long career as an academic at Sydney University in the specialised area of Biometry (the applied statistics for agriculture).

imageHis work has taken him to Indonesia where he was involved in setting up the earliest computer systems in Bali. He has extensive links with universities in Indonesia and although retired still works as a consultant for Australian aid organizations, training staff and students to run computer packages. Mick’s work in Indonesia continues a long history of vital and valuable educational exchange between Australia and Indonesia.

He came to Blackheath with his family in 2008 to retire and to be part of his partner Christine Wheeler‘s music circle. When Christine established The Heathens in 2009, Mick joined as a tenor “to sing with Chris”.

Technical support is an important role in keeping the choir members up to date with the music they are learning. Mick’s work in the search for, and application of a suitable computer software programme – Noteflight – has resulted in the choir having the use of “a wonderful educational tool for musicians to teach people to read music” and to practice songs at home. Chris has described Mick’s role in the choir as critical, especially as the choir has grown so much.

Mick describes the choir as an important part of community life and a way of making and enjoying close friendships. It has also allowed him to sing harmonies again for the first time in 40 years.

Contributed by: Victoria and Cathy

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