Sing for your life – 4/6

singing bowlIf you google singing and healing most of the images you find are of Tibetan singing bowls.  Those of us who went with Chris on the singing trek to Nepal earlier this year will be familiar with these and might have one sitting proudly on their mantlepiece.

Singing bowls are used in healing, but as we know in The Heathens there’s nothing to match the real thing – Frank explains how …

4. Singing Can Help You Heal

The connection between singing & healing, both spiritual & physical, precedes us by centuries & crosses over cultures. Aboriginals, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Native Americans, Polynesians, Asians & Africans all embrace the power of chants & song.

ClefIn the ABC series, ‘The Choir of Hard Knocks’ the singer/conductor confirmed singing’s life-enhancing potential when he took a group of homeless people off the streets of Melbourne to form a choir that still performs to this day.

Nationwide recognition of singing’s therapeutic benefits is gathering steam, for example, a study at the University of Queensland monitors the success rate of their singing workshops for young women who self-harm. So far, 70% of the participants have stopped harming. It seems singing allows them to reconnect with their bodies.

Look out for Frank’s next installment of why singing is good for you.

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