Sing for your life – 2/6

In his first blog Frank explained how singing makes you healthy.  Now he shares the second benefit he’s found from the latest American Harvard & Yale universities’ research:

2. Singing Makes You Happy

A university study over the last 12 years has examined the impact of choral singing across the spiritual, social, psychological & health spectrum.

happinessIt found that a major reason participants had such positive associations with their choral singing, was the sense of community & inclusion that group singing promotes.

It also revealed that group singing brings a sense of joy & accomplishment, substantial social networks, greater well-being, higher self-esteem & stronger bond with the community. You connect with your emotional self if you sing at home but singing with a group of people can make a stronger & more vibrant sound than an individual.  You are able to feel a stronger sense of connection.

So … singing makes you happy and singing makes you healthy.  Read the next installment to find out how singing makes you pregnant – or maybe I misread that!

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