Sing for your life – 1/6

Six benefits of singing, by Frank

SingingChildrenSinging comes to us as naturally as breathing. Our Mothers sang to us from the moment we were born & we all did it freely as children. But these days, chances are most of us confine our joyous singing to the privacy of the shower or long drives in the car.

It’s time however, that we all discovered our inner ‘soprano’ because a growing body of research shows that singing can be as good for us as taking up yoga or going to the gym!

Here are the some of the benefits from the latest American Harvard & Yale universities’ research:

1. Singing makes you healthy.

If you are applying the correct breathing technique, singing is an aerobic activity. It Healthy heartenhances lung function, improves posture, strengthens the diaphragm, increases the heart rate, boosts neurological function & stimulates circulation.

Singing can increase life expectancy & may even enhance your immune system.

Singing’s emotional benefits are equally impressive. The mood-lifting endorphins released dark-chocolatewhile singing a favourite tune are similar to those triggered by a chocolate treat while the deep, controlled breathing required, eases anxiety. Singing also reduces cortisol, the stress hormone & distracts you from your worries & banishing, at least briefly, any feelings of despair, depression & even pain.

Here’s the best news, according to the research, all of these benefits are significantly multiplied when singing takes place in a group such as a choir or in Church.

Read the next installment to find how singing makes you happy.

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