Sing for your life – 3/6

Frank has already told us how singing makes you happy, and singing makes you healthy.  In this third installment we find out that babies benefit from a good sing:

3. Singing is Good for Your Baby

Sing to your babyA mother’s instinct to sing to her baby is as ancient as civilisation itself.

Research shows the best time to start is while your baby is still in the womb. Singing to your unborn baby can also help prepare the mother for the act of giving birth itself.

Research article in Science Daily

Singing to infants helps promote cognitive & emotional development as well as enhance learning abilities. That’s the reason classic nursery rhymes have endured.  A mother singing them to her baby will have a lasting effect on reading & writing skills, attention span, concentration & memory that no DVD or iPad app could ever match.tim and saphira 2

Thanks Frank, and my suggestion is that if you don’t have your own baby then sing to someone else’s.

Check out the next installment for more benefits of singing.

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