Sing for your life – 6/6

All good things come to an end.  Frank has shared with us how singing makes you healthy, helps you to stay well and helps you to heal; how it makes you happy; and how its good for your baby (or someone else’s).  So now lets all take a deep breath …

6. Singing Helps You To Breath


qi – the breath of life

Studies indicate that the breath control required for singing has a positive impact on asthma sufferers, enhancing lung function & helping children stay calm when they experience shortness of breath.

Hospital patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have also been shown to benefit, with improved quality of life. Singing is associated with bigger lung volume.

Breathing can also be an emotional outlet for those with chronic disease.

So whether you are breathing a sigh of relief, breathing to relax or just breathing to stay alive, lets all thank Frank, for a very illuminating series of posts.

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