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Music and life

BellaWhether you can read the intricate symbols on the page and translate them into amazing sounds on an instrument, via singing or not, many Blackheathans young and old, know the importance of music.

Musique concrète is a form of music composition which encompasses sounds from every day life within the piece of music. The sounds can be anything from train horns, the rush of cars on a highway, or even just crickets singing their night serenades to the moon. One thing that people who love music all know is that it is a powerful uniting tool, it can save lives, release repressed emotions, and be in anything we do on a day to day basis.

So next time you’re out walking, just stop for a minute, close your eyes, and listen to the world make it’s own never ending symphony. That’s what we are. We, The Heathens, are a choral accompaniment to a song that will last, very nearly, forever.

Contributed by: Bella

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